Selena and Demi Lovato leaving dinner in West Hollywood.

Paramore - iTunes Festival 04/09/2013

1:36 Grow Up
5:23 Fast in My Car
10:06 That’s What You Get
13:56 Decode
18:57 Ignorance
23:06 Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore
24:24 Now
28:35 Daydreaming
33:29 When It Rains
38:16 Last Hope
43:27 Brick by Boring Brick
48:34 Interlude: Holiday
51:30 Crushcrushcrush
54:53 Ain’t It Fun
1:00:39 The Only Exception
1:06:48 In the Mourning
1:11:13 Pressure
1:14:20 Misery Business
1:22:30 Part II
1:27:30 Interlude: Moving On
1:30:00 Still Into You.

I love my girl friends more than I’ve loved any of my boyfriend because they have supported me, loved me, and always stood by my side. Some girls will drop you in five seconds for the right guy. That’s not how it’s supposed to be. That’s why I love Demi and Taylor [Swift] - they support females and love to have that empowerment! I wish girls would stop hurting each other. it’s all competitive - through fashion, best friends, and boys, boys, boys! My wish is that girls would love girls more.
On supporting her friends in Seventeen Magazine interview (via selenag-news)
This year is when I really started feeling powerful. I had always been the underdog secretly. I was on Disney when it was Miley [Cyrus], Jonas Brothers, and Demi [Lovato]. Even though my show was picked up, it seems like I was putting in so much work and seeing no results. I questioned the way I looked, acted, sang, and wrong. I started becoming very stale with my music and I realized that I was doing things for other people. Then I turned 20, went through a really bad breakup, and realized I needed to pick up everything - I needed to have ‘Come & Get it’ be amazing. I wanted it all to be me. I was tired of feeling defeated. All this time, I was so pissed trying to figure out why I felt like such an underdog, and I finally realized I just wasn’t ready. I’m glad it’s taken me this long to get where I am because now I’m ready for it.
On her past year of success in Seventeen Magazine interview (via selenag-news)